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Heel Pain:
Dr Edmond Lee DPM Services
Bunions/Hammer Toes
Athlete's Foot
Do you have painful heels on the first step in the morning?  This is the tell tale sign of Plantar Fasciitis.  Heel pain can be treated with conservative therapy.  However, if you do not feet better after stretching, NSAIDS, come in and see how we can help.  Treatment options:  Physical therapy, Strapping, Injections, Custom Orthotics.  Our office offers the Cryo-Tech, minimally invasive cryo-surgery for the treatment of heel pain.  
Laser Toenail Treatment:

Our Clinic uses the FDA approved Cutera GenesisPlus Laser.  Not all lasers are made the same.  When choosing a Laser, ask for the most powerful Laser, for the best results.
Let's face it, on any given day, a person places over 120,000 lbs of pressure on their feet.  Something allow the way has to give.  People with flat feet, females who wear high heel shoes, or patients with high arches are predisposed to develop bunions and hammer toes.  Wearing proper fitting shoes and orthotics can help relieve bunion and hammer toe pain.  If conservative therapy fails, our Doctors are able to help you get back on your feet with bunion or hammer toe surgery.
​Athlete''s foot is a fungal infection of the foot.  It mostly occurs with people who sweat excessively or do not sweat at all(Diabetic Patients).  Athlete's foot can be treated with simple creams.  However, fungal infection of the toenails are more difficult to treat.   
Painful Neuromas
Neuromas are an enlargement of the plantar digital nerves in the bottom of the foot.  The pain occurs when walking on hard floor, wearing tight fitting shoes, or walking for long periods of time.  Treatment plans consist of changing shoes, wearing orthotics, nerve blocks or Cryo-Surgery to freeze the nerve.
Gout pain is due to high uric acid levels.  You may have high uric acid do to excessive production of uric acid or the inability to excrete uric acid from the body.  Patients may have acute gout attacks from simple things as eating the wrong type of foods.  To avoid help avoid gouty attacks, consider decreasing the amount of bean, peanuts, red meats, shell fish that you consume.  If this does not help, consider uric acid lowering medications.  Acute flares can be relieved with medication or trigger injections.    
Warts are caused by a viral infection in the skin.  You may consider trying OTC meds to help get rid of the warts.  If the OTC meds fail to get rid of the infection, consider Laser destruction of the wart.  The Laser treatment takes only 1 second.  No blades or anesthesia is required.
Surgery of the Foot
Our Board Certified Doctors perform surgery in the Office, Surgery Centers and Hospitals.  If you need foot surgery come in for a free Consultation or Second opinion.  We specialize in Ingrow Toenail, Wart Removal, Excision of Neuromas, Heel Pain Surgery, Hammer Toe Surgery, Bunion Surgery, Diabetic Wounds, Amputation of the Foot.      
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